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First Floor Apartment on Popular Restaurant Street

primary photo of property for sale

Price: $83,000 neg.
Listing Last Updated: 18th Feb 2014
Khmer: [retracted]
  • Next door to a convenience store - very convenient!
  • On a popular street filled with restaruants and bars. Close to Riverside, Royal Museum etc. Lifestyle area.
  • Many westerners are buying on this street.
  • Entrance from the front.
  • It's wider than 4m and about 22m long I think
  • The price was not told to us directly from the owners - we heard this from someone else who inquired about the price.
Address: 53E1 Street 172, Chey Chumneah, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Details: Floor Number: 1; Number Of Floors: 1;

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