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Apartment Close To Kampuchea Krom

primary photo of property for sale

Price: $35,000 neg.
Listing Last Updated: 23rd Mar 2014
Khmer: [retracted]
  • The apartment is closed to Kampuchea Krom street(Street 128). This apartment is surrounded by city mall shopping centre, Olympic market, Orrusey Market, public and private schools, suki soup restaurant, and night street foods.
  • The apartment size is 4.5 by 18 and it is already sold.
  • The house owner forgets the remove the sign on 22 March 2014
Address: House No. 99E2, Street No. 134, Mittapheap, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh
Details: Land Footprint: 81.0m2; Floor Space: 81.0m2; Floor Number: 0; Number Of Floors: 2;

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