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Across the Road From ANZ Bank

primary photo of property for sale

Price: $150,000 neg.
Listing Last Updated: 22nd Mar 2014
Khmer: [retracted]
Khmer: [retracted]
Khmer: [retracted]
  • The house is in front the entrance of client car park of ANZ Royal Bank. The house is in the commercial areas that have variety of business types such as bank, shopping mall, phone shop, Jewellery shop, computer shop, restaurants, and companies.
  • has private entrance.
  • he will back to tell the price
  • very difficult to read phone number.
  • Two floors. Each floor 4x16m. The second floor has mezzanine level.
Address: House Number 7E3, Street 67, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Details: Land Footprint: 64.0m2; Floor Space: 64.0m2; Is the top floor; Floor Number: 2; Number Of Floors: 2;

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