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3rd Floor Apartment in Banking Area

primary photo of property for sale

Price: $56,000 neg.
Listing Last Updated: 22nd Mar 2014
  • The house is around Banking Area and close to Central Market, Old Market, Sorya Market. You spend only 10 minutes walk to riverside, national museum, and Royal Palace.
  • The apartment size is 4 by 16 and the entrance comes through the little bit dark stair at the alley. It has a mezzanine and room.
  • There are two more apartments for sale close to this one that we currently don't have listed.
  • The number listed is correct - difficult to read from the street.
Address: 2CE3, St. 6, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Details: Land Footprint: 64.0m2; Floor Space: 64.0m2; Floor Number: 0; Number Of Floors: 1;

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