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Across The Road From Gloria Jeans, Riverside

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Price: $650 neg.
Listing Last Updated: 22nd Mar 2014
  • Great location on Sisawath Blvd just across the road from Gloria Jeans coffee. Close to night market. Close to the financial center.
  • Dimensions 4x16m.
  • Entrance is at the corner.
  • Does not include furniture.
  • Transport is easy from this location - lots of tuk tuks and motos.
Address: 93e1 sisowath blvd, Wat Phnom, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Details: Land Footprint: 64.0m2; Floor Space: 64.0m2; Is the top floor; Floor Number: 1; Number Of Floors: 1;

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